Angela Malik Guest Chef @ Charlotte’s W5

November 24, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

Angela Malik returns to join our Guest Chef Series once again, after a spectacular success at her first appearance in June. In advance of the evening we thought we would share a sneak preview of one of the dishes from her stunning Empress of India menu.

Wood pigeon with Green Papayas, Nasturtiums & Plum Aachar

Angela’s menu is inspired by Queen Victoria’s love affair with India. The Queen took the title Empress of India in 1876 and her personal staff included cooks and stately ‘kitmatgars’ who brought their exotic spices and ingredients to the royal kitchens and gardens. Victoria was the original curry fan mentioning various dishes in her diaries. She loved fruit with several varieties including the Victoria plum, which is actually named after her.

Ingredients in Angela’s starter includes

Wood Pigeon: Game was always served at the royal table.

Plums: The Victoria plum was named after Queen Victoria. She loved fruit. One of her greatest delights whilst travelling around her various houses to eat the latest fruit grown by the gardeners.

Nasturtiums: also known as The Empress of India flower.

To try this delicious menu for yourself, join us and Angela on the 28th November by booking your ticket here.