April at Charlotte’s Place

March 29, 2017 | Charlotte's Group


Spring is Chef Lee’s favourite season. “All this produce just comes rushing in and it’s so fresh, green and tasty” he enthuses, so what’s he got in store this month?


On the Menu…

New Season Asparagus . Duck Egg . Black Truffle

New season English asparagus from the Wye Valley on the Shropshire borders is classically paired with a free range Cotswold duck egg for that extra richness and black truffle for its earthy depth.

Lee says: “The French black truffle’s muddy flavour blends perfectly with the sweet asparagus and the duck egg’s extra richness provides a perfect balance. It’s the dish I like to eat, so really it’s on for selfish reasons!”

Credit - Jade Nina Sarkhel-1


Herb Polenta . Spring Vegetables . Sauce Vierge

We’ve also got a fabulous new vegetarian dish, designed to showcase the abundance of spring veggies now available. Lee’s soft herb polenta mousse, infused with tarragon and chervil, sits with a gloriously light vegetable cassoulet of new season asparagus, peas, broad beans and more. A little light sauce vierge – that’s olive oil, Pernod, coriander seeds, chopped tomato and lemon juice – gives the whole dish an edge, lifting it and cutting through the milky polenta to create a real bistro classic.

On the skin on/ off broad bean debate, Lee says, “I’m definitely for the naked bean or they remind me of being a kid and my mum’s frozen veg!”

Credit - Jade Nina Sarkhel-1-2


Clwyd Vale Lamb Neck . Hay Smoked Breast . Jersey Royals . Broad Beans

We’ve got another cracker of impeccably sourced and fabulously flavoured meat – this time showcasing new season Clwyd Vale Lamb. Welsh lamb is renowned as a lighter meat and mouth-meltingly tender.

A coarse broad bean purée finished with a little apple cider gives the dish a perfect touch of acidity.

Lee says: “Smoking the lamb with hay is a very traditional combo – the hay brings an earthy yet floral sweetness to the meat.”

Credit - Jade Nina Sarkhel-3


Pistachio Ice Cream . Raspberry . Cocoa Nib

Oh & our new pudding is Pistachio Ice Cream, Raspberry, Cocoa Nib – that’s basically a pistachio lolly, crumbed in frozen raspberry with toasted and finely chopped cocoa bean pod for crunch. I mean seriously, need we say more?!

Credit - Jade Nina Sarkhel-6


And don’t forget..

Our rare-sourced Middle White Pork, Potato & Brawn Terrine, Blood Pudding from specialist meat supplier Huntsham Court Farm has received a rave reception from you, noticing the tenderness and flavour of this special meat. “The meat was amazing, it had so much more flavour than normal pork,” is becoming a common comment. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s still on the menu, so do come and give it a go.


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