December at W5

December 8, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

Our Head Chef explains that vegetables are at their most delicious this time of year, as when the first frost of winter arrives, they regain their soft and fluffy textures and are at the height of their taste. All three of these festive dishes are served with veggies…


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -1

Atlantic Prawn Cocktail . Soda Bread

A retro, re-worked addition to the menu, this divine prawn cocktail is seasoned with a beautiful sauce made up of brandy and paprika. W5 Head Chef Lee has added an unusual addition of tomatoes to the cocktail and he cites his father, who was a fisherman, as his inspiration for this twist on the classic starter.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -4

Braised Ox Cheek . Garlic Mash . Roasted Baby Onions

The ox cheek is marinated in red wine and vegetable goodies for 2 weeks before being put in the oven overnight, right before Lee finishes his shift. The mashed potato is a wonderful buttery and creamy addition and the baby onions on top provide a gentle crunch that pairs perfectly with the dissolvable texture of the meat.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -2

Honey Roasted Parsnips

Roasted in thyme and butter, these festive veggies are fluffy and delicious with an exquisite sweet flavour. The perfect side dish to any heartening meal or even as a snack on its own with a glass of wine or a Christmas cocktail.