December at Charlotte’s Bistro

December 8, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

With Christmas finally upon us and all the twinkling lights giving us that extra festive glow, all we really want to feel is a constant sense of warmth and cosiness. In the spirit of the current season, Bistro’s Head Chef Pierre-Alain Simonin has curated some extra winter warming additions to the menu this December…


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-3

Vegetable Vol-Au-Vent . Gruyère Béchamel . Pea Purée

The delicious outer crunch of the puff pastry pairs perfectly with the divine assortment of soft warm vegetables – red pepper, celeriac, sweetcorn and carrot –  that fill the interior. The grated gruyere béchamel adds a warm richness to the flavour and the pea shoot purée creates a tasty exuberance – ideal with a glass of red wine.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-4

Gin & Beetroot Cured Salmon . Wild Rocket

The tender salmon, drizzled with gin, delicately frames the golden pickled beetroot creating a beautiful sensation of sweet and sour flavours. Red amaranth and golden beetroot purée are sprinkled over the dish – adding zest to the flavour.Unusually, it pairs perfectly with a glass of  Pinot Noir.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-6

Baked Cod . Parsnip . Hollandaise Sauce

One could almost call this dish the ethereal version of an ‘Eggs Royale’. The flavour of the baked cod is brought out by the salty sweetness of the hollandaise sauce – a rich and creamy delight – and the crisp cavolo nero cabbage, cooked with garlic and butter, adds a touch of desired bitterness creating the ultimate taste sensation.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-8

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder . Garlic Mash . Glazed Onion

This dish is the ultimate winter warmer. The lamb is cured for 3 hours and then cooked for another 9 hours in tamarind and a lovely roast garlic which has no bitterness. The rich rosemary sauce adds sweetness and the combination of the crunch of the parsnip and the soft fluffiness of the mash creates an amazing sensation of textures. Pair this with a beautiful red wine.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-10

Apple Crumble . Custard

Made with Bramley apples, this divine crumble is slowly cooked in butter with cinnamon, sugar, clove, crushed almonds – creating a heavenly crunch. The custard is exceptionally creamy – this is the perfect finale to a delicious and heartening festive meal.