December at Charlotte’s Place

December 8, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

Our wonderful new menu at Charlotte’s Place presents a variety of beautiful winter dishes. Ranging from the rich and luxurious to the light and fluffy, every new addition has been thought out with love and care, with the aim of offering the most heartwarming December dishes all, with a Charlotte’s twist.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -8

Chestnut Velouté . Rabbit & Smoked Ham Sausage Roll

The earthy mushroom flavour of this rich, heartwarming veloute complements the light and moist ‘three meats’ sausage roll perfectly. Made up of pork, rabbit & smoked ham hock, and mixed with a gentle scattering of spicy herbs, the soft texture of the roll and the softer creamier sensations of the velouté bring all the elements of this dish together beautifully.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -5

Pressed ‘Barbury’ Duck . Pickled Golden Beetroot . Hazelnut Salsa

This is the only cold starter on the menu and it is a most refreshing winter addition to Charlotte’s Place. The combination of the duck with the zest of the golden beetroot and the rich hazelnut oil create a delightfully sweet, sour and bitter taste.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -7

‘Diver Caught’ Scallop . Potato Fondant . Girolle Mushroom . Baby Onions

Resting on a delicious bed of potato fondant, the scallop, which is grilled in olive oil, butter and thyme, pairs perfectly with the baby mushrooms creating a wonderfully warm, but simultaneously light, taste sensation.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -6

Twice Baked Goats Curd Soufflé. Creamed Baby Spinach . Sweet Potato

This Souffle is baked for 32 minutes and warms the soul but is also astonishingly light at the same time. Baby spinach and goat’s curd rest on the bottom in a delicious parmesan, sage and butter base and it quite literally dissolves in your mouth.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -10

‘Lavender Honey’ Glazed Chicken Breast . Macaroni Cheese . Autumn Truffles . Cavolo Nero

The Cornfed chicken is moist and supple. It is glazed with a special Ealing Honey that is infused with lavender, giving off aromatic floral notes.  The crunch of the cavolo nero complements the softness of the macaroni and the truffle oil pairs exquisitely with the crispy skin of the juicy chicken.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -13

Cornish Hake Fillet . Rouille Crust . Salad of Fennel & Brown Shrimps

This lightest of winter dishes is an elegant Charlotte’s twist on Fish & Chips. Fine, white breadcrumbs coat the Hake and it is served with crunchy, straw potatoes and cold and zesty shrimps that pair perfectly with the warm salmon.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -9

Wild Mushroom Risotto . Braised Fennel . Sage Fritter

The crunch of the deep fried sage fritters and toasted almonds, which dress the risotto,  paired with the softness of the cannelloni rice is sublime.  It evokes both creamy and toasty sensations through drizzles of truffle oil. Unlike usual risottos, it is neither heavy nor super salty but extremely enjoyable. Sprinkled parsley gives it a certain cleanliness and it goes wonderfully with white wine.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -12

Veal Cheek Bordelaise . White Polenta . Sweetbread

The ultimate winter warmer. An aura of festiveness is created with the cinnamon that the beef is slow cooked in and the soft and dissolvable creamed polenta positively evaporates in your mouth. The orange segment brings all the flavours together in a spectacular manner, adding a citrusy burst to the dish. It is perfect for a cold winter’s eve and the accompaniment of a glass of red wine makes this the most heartwarming and delicious of dishes.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel -11

Roasted Salmon Fillet . Confit Courgette . Fenugreek Sauce

A homage to the fact that we are all a beautiful multicultural bunch, the Scottish farmed salmon is drizzled with the exotic Southern Indian sauce, fenugreek and saffron. The salmon is smooth and warm and the al dente courgette and celeriac crisps create a variety of taste sensations.