June at Charlotte’s Bistro

May 30, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

‘Abundance’ is the word that springs to mind for Chef Michal’s new menu this month. With so many gorgeous new seasonal ingredients to play with, let’s just dive right in…

Chilled Crushed Tomato Soup

Chilled Crushed Tomato Soup . Feta & Black Olives

Ripe & sweet British tomatoes lightly crushed with olive oil, salt & pepper with crumbled feta and Kalamata olives for a fresh and tangy pre-cursor to the summer hols.

Michal says: “I’m always surprised by the simplicity of this dish, yet how tasty it can be just by using the right type of tomatoes.”

Charred & Fresh Courgette Salad

Charred & Fresh Courgette Salad . Ricotta . Toasted Seeds

New season courgette is just coming in. Simply served charred and fresh for added contrast it’s paired with delicate ricotta for a little creamy contrast.

Michal says: “Is there anything more early-summer than the sweetness of charred courgette? – I don’t think so!”

Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock . Herb Emulsion . Cucumber & Sea Herbs

Gently smoked haddock loin lightly poached in butter, served with a light mixed herb emulsion and cucumber flowers.

Michal says: “It’s a very summery, fish dish and a beautifully light way to start a meal.”


Wild Nettle Risotto . Morels . Whipped Mascarpone

Making the most of the short English nettle season, this risotto is blended with morels for deliciously earthy flavours.

Michal says: “Nettles still remind me of being stung as a child and I just love cooking with them. Customers also enjoy trying their unique and interesting flavour.”

 Roasted Cod

Roasted Cod . Chorizo . Black Rice & Fennel

Lightly baked line caught cod, served with black rice cooked in tasty chorizo juices and contrasted with the unique bittersweet flavour of fennel.

Michal says: “It’s a classic combination and real crowd-pleaser. It’s dressed with a parsley and lemon gremolata to give the dish a lift and seasonal freshness.”

Confit Rabbit Leg

Confit Rabbit Leg . Baby Vegetables . Buckwheat & Salsa Verde

Cooked in its own juices and served with a multi-herbed salsa verde to give a contrasting tartness to the rabbit and sweet vegetables.

Michal says: “It’s a meaty and simply balanced dish which is satisfying yet light at the same time!”

Roasted Lamb Breast

Roasted Lamb Breast . Bacon . Braised Baby Gem . Pea & Mint

New season Welsh lamb is paired with a broth style mix of baby gem, peas and mint with a hint of fresh lemon.

Michal says: “It’s very classic, the lamb is so tender and sweet, simply braised then pan fried, it’s delicious.”

Chocolate & Irish Cream Pavé

Chocolate & Irish Cream Pavé . Caramel Ice Cream

A little more dense than a mousse, this chocolate dessert is paired with Irish cream and freshly made caramel ice cream.

Michal says: “It’s pure grown up indulgence, a delicious addition to the menu and a great way to finish a meal!”