May at Charlotte’s Place

April 26, 2017 | Charlotte's Group Charlotte's Place

Asparagus, Isle of Wight tomatoes, English peas, Scottish salmon and French gariguette strawberries are the stars this month – all in peak season and guaranteed to make your mouth water.

What’s on the Menu…

Isle of Wight Tomatoes . Basil Milk Curd . Grilled Bread

Sweet Isle of Wight tomatoes contrast with a freshly-made, basil-infused, cow’s milk curd cheese, while a focaccia-style, olive oil based bread, is grilled and dipped in yellow tomato consommé.

Lee says: “It’s a very fresh cheese, quite creamy like a thick crème fraiche, which goes so well with the sweet tomatoes.”

Social Media Place May-3

Confit Salmon . English Peas . Avocado . Cucumber . Wild Rice

Sustainable Scottish salmon is cured lightly, poached in olive oil & its brown fat then charred to a sweet crust. A green pea and avocado ‘gazpacho’ is paired with a salsa of raw peas & cucumber and served with puffed wild rice.

Lee says: “It’s a very fresh, summery dish – a lovely warm plate of gently cooked salmon with rich creamy gazpacho and a little crunch of rice. I’ve done a similar gazpacho before and it was a real winner, but with the salmon it’s even better.”

Social Media Place May-6

Milk Chocolate Delice . Dark Chocolate Sorbet . Cocoa Butter & Lime

Chocaholics alert! There’s milk, dark and creamy white coco butter infused with lime. Seriously chocolatey. Seriously great. Need we say more?!

Lee says: “It’s three stages of chocolate with different textures and a little lime marmalade to finish it off.”

Social Media Place May-2

Strawberries & Cream . Sipsmith Summer Cup . Warm Madeleines

Especially sweet and aromatic French Gariguette strawberries are simply dressed, served with Chantilly cream and warm madeleines infused with a touch of Sipsmith Summer Cup. A classic.

Lee says: “It’s a very simple but delicious dish which is purely about letting the produce shine. It’s all about the strawberries.”

Social Media Place May-1

See the full Charlotte’s Place menu here.