Meet Bruno…

September 25, 2017 | Charlotte's Group Charlotte's Place

Meet Bruno Piane… 

Bruno - Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel 1

Bruno Piane, formerly of the legendary Soho Italian, Bocca Di Lupo, joined Charlotte’s Place this summer. Originally from a small farm in Southern Italy, Bruno has dedicated his career to studying the best of the best in wine and food and brings with him, not only a wealth of experience, but a brand-new team.

What brought you to London?

I moved to London six years ago, joining Bocca di Lupo which was an incredible challenge as I spoke no English at the time!

What brought you to Charlotte’s Group?

I really like the fact that Alex started as a KP and is now running three unique venues. It’s a huge achievement. There’s real potential with a privately-owned company, rather than a big company.  We can be nimble and the team can really be involved in its evolution.

How are you finding Ealing?

I’m still discovering the area. After five years in the West End, I hadn’t realised there was such a different dimension to London. I love the fact Ealing’s got such a neighbourhood feel and that there’ll be the chance to build longer-term relationships with customers – rather than travelling tourists in Soho.  

Tell us more about the new wine list at Charlotte’s Place?

I’ve tried to find more unusual and rare wines that are less well known but amazing value. I want to create a really strong wine culture in the Group and three staff at Charlotte’s Place are now sommeliers. We’ve got great energy and are really looking forward to talking about these new wines and sharing our passions with customers.

What’s your vision for Charlotte’s Place?

As a neighbourhood restaurant, we have the luxury to build longer-term relationships with customers and I’m looking forward to introducing wines they might not have considered before. The new list has been a big labour of love as I’ve been sourcing from around the world but our customers seem to really enjoy learning more about wine, talking about it and trying new things.

Aside from fine wine and food, what are your other passions?

I have an artistic side! I create monochromatic drawings with Indian black ink. My pictures mainly revolve around the concept of women and trees and their connection as life givers. I also like mixing food with art and ran a café that blended both these passions in Italy. Every now and again I still like to draw on cappuccinos or make sculptures with parmesan cheese!