November at Charlotte’s Bistro

November 2, 2017 | Charlotte's Group

November at Charlotte’s Bistro sees the introduction of rich and refreshing flavours along with a luxurious Bar Food Menu to pair perfectly with a classic cocktail.

New Starters…

Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-35Chicken Liver Parfait . Port Jelly . Toasted Brioche

This creamy Chicken Liver Parfait is the perfect way to dine in November. Served with a delicate Port Jelly with hints of White Wine & Madeira and sweet toasted Brioche, the flavours speak for themselves.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-13Celeriac Soup . Crispy Kale . Horseradish 

A spoonful of our Celeriac soup with crispy kale and horseradish creates an incredible sensation of creamy and fresh flavours. The combination of the crème fraîche and the vegetables make this a warm and comforting but not too heavy dish.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-15Dressed Brixham Crab . Potato Salad . Duck Egg

Finally, the zest! Our Brixham Crab and potato salad is drizzled with white wine vinegar and bursting with capers, chilli, coriander and lemon. The duck egg delicately placed on top and the cucumber base create a most refreshing taste. Additional sprinklings of peppers & gherkins within the salad  bring all the flavours together.


New Mains…

Our main courses in November see the introduction of rich and luxurious flavours..

Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-21Beef Bourguignon . Mash Potato . Chantenay Carrots . Baby Carrots & Mushrooms                                                             

Our stunning Beef Bourguignon is served with creamy mashed potatoes and baby Chantenay Carrots. The deliciously marinated vegetable sauce brings out the flavour of the beef which positively dissolves in your mouth after each bite.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-28Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto . Hazlenut

This dish is bursting with winter flavours. The warm hazelnuts and the truffle oil leave a deliciously steamy aftertaste and the white wine brings zest to the softness of the texture.


New Desserts…

Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-41Milk Chocolate Pot . Hazelnut Mousse

If a dessert could be cheeky this month’s addition of a Milk Chocolate Pot served with a Hazelnut Mousse certainly fits the bill. We would suggest a speedy reservation to be one of the first to try this particular dessert. The caramel and hazelnut chocolate is dusted with pistachio which creates the most perfect sensation of creamy yet crunchy. This dessert is served with a special hazelnut biscotto from Tuscany to dip into this delightful chocolate pot.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-40Pear Sorbet . Orange & Basil

The ethereal pairing of this Pear sorbet topped with basil syrup and orange confit creates a deliciously refreshing taste sensation with a crunchy and chewy aftertaste. The lack of milk is always a plus and the base of delicately sliced orange makes one feel reinvigorated – the perfect finale to a hearty meal.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-45

Lemon Tart . Crème Fraîche


Bar Snacks

Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-1

Aubergine Caviar . Homemade Toast

The aubergine caviar is extremely fresh and light, evoking Mediterranean sensations. Served with soda bread toast on the side.

Cod Brandade Cakes . Crème fraîche & Lime

This hot, deep fried fishcake with crème fraîche and lime is deliciously comforting yet zesty. The sprinkle of garlic brings out the flavour.

Beef Croquettes . Sweet Harissa Sauce

This delicious deep fried dish is completely dairy free! The handmade beef croquettes are filled with honey, chilli and vegetables and the accompaniment of the harissa sauce is spectacular. This is a Bistro favourite and will pair perfectly with any tequila based drink.

Baked Prunes . Bacon Wrap

This Charlotte’s twist on devils on horseback creates an incredible taste of sweet and salty flavours and will bring out the flavour in any cocktail you choose.

Roasted Mini Chipolata Sausages . Honey Mustard Glaze

Served in portions of six, these divine mini sausages are drizzled in honey to create a seasonal feeling and are the perfect combination of a sweet and salty snack.

Freshly Roasted Chestnuts

Finally we have our seasonal delight: a portion of six hot roasted chestnuts served in a paper bag – to take away or snack on at the bar. This is our special accompaniment to our Hot Serves at Bistro and is a soothing and heartwarming Charlotte’s favourite.