Why we went cashless…

September 23, 2016 | Charlotte's Bistro Charlotte's Group Charlotte's Place Charlotte's W5

We were one of the first operators in the UK to take the jump to go cashless. Across Charlotte’s Group we accept payment by card and Apple Pay at W5 but not by cash or cheque and so far, this bold move has helped us to gain fantastic press coverage in titles such as Raconteur in the Sunday Times (http://goo.gl/21Wbec) and the Guardian (https://goo.gl/dGl2LP).

Wondering why we did it?

When planning Charlotte’s W5 we were determined to keep our prices competitive against multiples and chains without compromising on quality. We looked at absolutely every cost saving option available to us. With no cash we have a fully integrated sales, payment and accounting system. We save hours of counting every day, trips to the bank, book-keeping time, have negotiated lower card processing rates, reduced opportunity for theft therefore insurance premiums and more. We save about £40k a year on administrative costs and spend it where it matters – on higher quality, more sustainable ingredients. After a successful 6 month trial at Charlotte’s W5 we are now rolling this out in Charlotte’s Bistro & Charlotte’s Place!