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August at W5


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-4

Grilled Mackerel . Pickled Cucumber . Green Tomato . Salad Cream

An exquisitely refreshing starter. The line caught mackerel is cooked under the grill, creating a deliciously soft inner layer coated in a crunchy, crispy skin. Thin slices of pickled cucumber line the plate –  adding a gentle salty and sour taste and delicate cuttings of raw green tomatoes bring hints of extra acidity and freshness as they are perfectly raw and untouched. A dollop of homemade salad cream add richness to the dish and the dressing of zesty pea shoots bring the this starter to life!

Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-7

Brown Crab Rarebit . Dressed Claw Meat . Radish & Onion

A delicious mixture of brown crab, eggs, cheese and mustard is spread over grilled bread and then baked until it is  wonderful golden brown. Flaked claw meat is sprinkled on to bring a cleaner and fresher taste to the richness of the dish and additions of raw radish and brind red onion create an exotic texture and spice. Filling and umptious, it is a perfect balance of luxurious richness and light zest emphasised by the refreshing salad the and the delightfully surprising taste of the mustard in the rarebit.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-10

Baked Plaice . Broad Bean Hummus . Fennell

The baked plaice is served on the bone keeping it exquisitely moist and flavoursome and it is baked in brown butter to add depth of flavour and a rich, nutty texture. Divinely fresh broad bean hummus accompanies the plaice, creating a perfect pairing of zest and warmth. A vinegar, olive oil and raw shaved fennel salad garnishes the plate adding extra crunch and an exquisite aniseed flavour. The ultimate summer dish!


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-13

Sweet Wine Dressed Peach . Almond Milk Granita 

A lovely granita of sweetened almond milk mixed with honey serves as a base for the slices of chopped peach, which soak gently – absorbing the flavour. The peach is dressed in sweet white wine which is flavoured with aramats, honey and star anise creating a wonderful taste sensation.  The wine adds bitter and sweet notes to ones palette and sprinkles of toasted almonds dress the dessert, creating a subtle crunch and emphasise the overall almond feel of the dish.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-12

Summer Fruits Eton Mess

A classic British seasonal, summertime dish. The crushed meringue is folded with whipped Devonshire cream in a delicious summer fruit compote of stewed raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. The result is an exquisite creamy, fruity and sweet sensation. Filling and delicious, the velvety whipped cream brings out all the sweet notes from the fruit – the ultimate way to end a meal!


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