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December at W5


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-26

Grilled Mackerel . Warm Turnip & Potato Salad . Raw Shallot

An assortment of warm turnip and baby potatoes dressed with a delicious mustard vinaigrette forms the base of the dish. Raw shallots add an extra punch and the fillet of robust grilled mackerel sits delicately on top of the vegetables, sprinkled with chives to freshen it up. A warm and comforting starter, it certainly wakens up one’s palette and the combination of earthy vegetables and a hearty dressing, render it a most dreamy dish.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-25

Honey Glazed Beets . Whipped Horseradish . Toasted Sesame Seeds

A festive new salad addition to the W5 menu this month, this salad has a delightfully earthy flavour. Sweet honey dressing livens up the taste and toasted sesame seeds add a layer of flavour and a cheeky crunch. A spicy, umptious dollop of crème fraiche creates a warming element and the optional addition of smoked salmon pairs beautifully with the horseradish and beetroot.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-29 

Buttered Pollock . Curried Cauliflower . Golden Raisins . Watercress

The lightly cured pollock is exquisitely seasoned and then cooked in butter. It rests on a bed of creamy curried cauliflower which is filled with golden raisins – bringing out an exotic sweetness. Topped with fresh watercress to add zest, freshness and colour, it is warming yet light and is the perfect remedy for this seasonal time of year when the nights are getting longer.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-30

Braised Beef Feather Blade . Garlic Mash . Glazed Carrot

For those unfamiliar with the featherblade, it is a delicious part of the cow’s shoulder. It is slow cooked overnight in beef stock and red wine, rendering it perfectly moist and tender. The mashed potato is mixed with slow roasted garlic puree – which creates a flavoursome but not pungent subtle taste. The boiled carrot is glazed in sweet treacle and sour vinegar – creating a perfect explosion of tastes. The lovely combination of treacle and beef is exquisite. 


Pear & Quince Crumble . Brandy Custard

Christmas in a pot! A delightful compote of pear & caramel, mixed with star anise to add extra spice, forms the base of the dessert. A scrumptious oat crumble dresses the compote and this crumbliness pairs wonderfully with the rich, classic custard made with cream and egg yolks and seasoned with brandy. Sprinkles of cinnamon add delicious December notes.

Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-21

Selection of British Cheeses . Pickle Pear . Honey Crackers . Bread Crisps

This beautiful platter exhibits a wonderful array of cheeses. Corshish Yurg, Brighton Blue (our head chef’s favourite blue cheese) and ragstone create a delightfully contrasting array of flavours and textures and the addition of the pickled pear poached in honey acts asthe perfect smooth and sweet accompaniment. Crunchy, homemade cream crackers glazed with honey and salty bread crisps pair perfectly.

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