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May at W5


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Foccacia . Roasted Garlic & Artichoke Dip

Begin your meal with our delicious Foccacia, infused with garlic, thyme and rosemary and cooked on a planchar to give it an authentic smoky taste and a crispy skin. It is served warm with a beautifully rustic artichoke dip consisting of a  blend of artichoke hearts, roasted garlic and mayo. It is wonderfully pungent and there are strong notes of garlic making one savour every mouthful…



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La Latteria Burrata . Summer Squash . Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Our fabulous burrata, from local suppliers, La Latteria, has been given a summer touch. Decorated in a seasonal garnish consisting of raw summer squash and lemon courgette it is dressed with zesty lemon juice and olive oil. Sprinklings of pumpkin seed pesto create a refreshing alternative to pine nuts but bring a toasted flavour and body to the dish. Additions of basil, sage and cheddar cheese create a wonderful palette of tastes and textures.


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Coronation Fried Buttermilk Chicken . Apricot & Coriander

Your classic southern fried chicken has been given an exotic twist! Marinaded in buttermilk and curry spices, the chicken is then dipped into flour and deep fried creating a heavenly, flaky crispy batter. It is served with a coronation yoghurt – with poached & diced apricots and coriander. Spring onions garnish the dish giving the refreshing zest it needs.



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Heritage Tomato . Sourdough . Shallot . Basil

This delightful salad is our British take on the classic Italian Dish, Panzanella. It is a beautiful array of textures and colours; consisting of fresh, heritage tomatoes dressed in house cherry vinaigrette, raw shallot rings and sourdough.  Add torn burrata to give it that extra special Italian kick…



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-12

Duck Breast . Roasted Hispi Cabbage . Marinated Mushroom

Cooked directly on the planchar, the duck breast is deliciously succulent with a thin crispy skin. The roasted crispy cabbage complements it perfectly – it is dressed with sherry vinaigrette olive oil and emanates a sweet, smoky bitter taste. Grilled portobello mushrooms, which are preserved in garlic and thyme oil to impart a lot of flavour and complexity, accompany the dish.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-9

Roast Pollock . Crushed Garden Peas . Salt & Vinegar Potato Skins

Lime caught Cornish pollock is at the height of its deliciousness at this time of year! It is baked in the oven with brown butter to give it a wonderfully strong roasted flavour and paired with zesty crushed garden peas, soaked in lemon juice and butter. Deep fried potato skins seasoned with vinaigrette are scattered on the dish and garnished with refreshing pea cress.


Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-10

Grilled Salmon Fillet . Cherry Tomato . Potato Salad

This dish is the perfect combination of warmth and refreshment. The soft grilled salmon fillet has a delightfully crispy skin to add a delicate crunch, and the assortment of thin charlotte potatoes, dressed with crème fraiche, capers and chives give a burst of zest and flavour. The ‘cherry on top’ is the cherry tomato gazpacho, emulsified with an abundance of olive oil, bringing an explosion of flavour to your palette – emphasized by the sprinklings of dill.



Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-2

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse . Salted Caramel . Crumble

A divine end to a delicious meal. The wonderfully light milk chocolate mousse is infused with an oat and hazelnut crumble which adds a crackling crunch and topped with salted caramel for richness. It is deliciously creamy and very sweet…

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