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November at W5


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-19

Smoked Haddock . Winter Greens . Hollandaise

This naturally smoked Scottish Haddock is baked with butter and served on a bed of spring greens and then dressed with hollandaise sauce. A classic dish, it is exceptionally rich and warm and perfect for the winter chills.

Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-14

Barbary Duck Ham . Clementine & Brown Butter Dressing

The delectable duck breast is cured with a delicious spice selection of peppercorn, star anise and thyme which imparts a delightful salty flavour. The homemade ham is then cooked sous vide to maintain its rareness and keep the texture wonderfully dry yet tender. It is served cold but the caramelised, charred skin – adds sweetness to the salty dish. The dressing of fresh clementine mixed with Brown Butter adds and an exquisitely sweet and salty flavour and a nutty texture. A garnish of raw chicory leaves adds bitterness to the dish.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-5

Roast Celeriac . Tarragon Yoghurt . Pear & Walnut  

Reminiscent of a Waldorf salad, this wintery alternative uses the best of nature’s harvest and is exceptionally seasonal. The celeriac is roasted and dressed with tarragon yoghurt – which emits some delicious floral notes. Raw slices of pear add a sweet freshness and a gentle crunch is brought by the addition of candied walnuts and celery cress. The optional addition of blue cheese brings all the flavours together beautifully.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-21

Whole Baked Plaice . Root Vegetable Purée . Trompet Mushroom 

Our Head Chef’s favourite dish on the menu…The Plaice is served on the bone and baked in brown butter creating a deliciously nutty flavour. Served with a crushed root vegetable purée of carrots and swede parsnip which is cooked with olive oil and finished in butter so retains its texture.  Exquisite Trompet mushrooms dress the dish and the result is delightfully rich, creamy and sumptuous. A dairy-free version is available.

Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-17

Goat’s Cheese & Onion Pithivier . Cabbage 

An exquisite combination of onion jam and goat’s cheese inside a puff pastry.  The jam acts as the base and a layer of goat’s cheese sits on top slowly melting creating an exquisitely heartwarming taste sensation.  Served with some creamed savoy cabbage.


Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-12

Lemon & Satsuma Curd . Shortbread . Meringue

A seasonal version of a lemon meringue pie, the meringue is a beautiful combination of sweet and bitter flavours and the texture of the crunchy biscuit and the velvety curd pair wonderfully.

Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-8

White Chocolate & Cranberry . Frozen Parfait . Candied Pecan

This frozen ice cream terrine is filled with dried cranberries and white chocolate and is beautifully rich and creamy. Sprinkles of candied pecan add a delightful crunch.

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