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Quality, provenance, sustainability and value are foremost in our thinking and with our monthly menu changes, Guest Chef Events and exclusive tastings we take pride in documenting our stories with our lovely loyal guests. Read below for more.

Credit- Jade Nina Sarkhel - Food Photographer-30

Head Chef Lee is going back to basics this month with classic flavours and Christmas combinations to carry us through to the new year. The famous Charlotte’s Place cheeseboard has also been introduced to the menu and it is the perfect tasty dessert or cheeky bar snack. The new seasonal dishes are earthy, hearty and quite simply delicious!

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November at W5

The W5 menu this month is littered with a delightful selection of wintery flavours with a dash of Christmas. Head Chef Lee cites the scrumptious Whole Baked Plaice w/ Root Vegetable Purée & Trompet Mushroom as his personal favourite as he describes the fresh vegetable produce as a pure ‘taste of the forest.’ From Barbary Duck Ham to Lemon Meringue Pie the November menu showcases some of this season’s finest and most heartwarming flavours.

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October at W5

Autumn is well and truly upon us and our Head Chef is showcasing the best of nature’s larder this month. Ranging from Roast Guinea Fowl Breast w/ Parsnip Puree & Kale, to Warm Bread & Butter Pudding w/ Toffee Sauce & Sour Apple, the October menu is awash with earthy game flavours and luxurious sweet sensations and we encourage you to visit us and thoroughly indulge yourselves.

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September at W5

The end of summer sees our chefs introduce a delicious variety of autumn ingredients and richer, heartier flavours to the W5 menu this month. Seasonal vegetable purees are in abundance and the dishes have become more luxurious, assorted with autumnal herbs yet still retaining that fresh summer zest.

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August at W5

We welcome the bounty of the ocean’s harvest to the W5 menu this month and Head Chef Lee Cadden has introduced an array of exquisite dishes with an abundance of fish & shellfish – fresh from the Devonshire Coast – to create a refreshing and seasonal feel. We see an infusion of traditional British dishes such Rarebit paired with Brown Claw Crab to create a wonderful match of flavours and textures. The new desserts are sweet and fruit-based, exhibiting an explosion of fresh British fruits and produce.

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July at W5

Dining on our Summer Terrace is the theme for this month’s menu and Head Chef Lee has designed dishes that will ‘eat perfectly on a hot day.’ Using delicious July produce, the new additions to the menu are fresh, summery and zesty with a lot of cool and refreshing flavours. From mains such as Sea Bream w/ Mixed Bean Salad, Spinach, Watercress & Preserved lemon to desserts such as Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheese Cake, we see an explosion of fruity ingredients and lighter alternatives to classic winter dishes. Pop in, take a seat on our terrace and order away!

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June at W5

Lee Cadden has returned to Charlotte’s as Head Chef at W5 and he brings his beautifully individual culinary style to the menu this month. Lee’s delicious new additions showcase the best of nature and use much lighter ingredients to complement the season. The new menu is filled with exotic and exquisite dishes, pioneered by Lee, such as Baked Aubergine w/ Cashew Nut, Creme Fraiche & Sourdough Toast which proves to be both unusual and succulent and Butter Poached Potato w/ Berkswell Cheese. The menu is trendier, tastier and more modern and we thoroughly advise you relax on our champagne terrace and enjoy it!

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May at W5

The road to summer is here and our chefs at W5 are exploring this through a gentle move towards colder and more refreshing dishes. There is a strong salad trend throughout our new menu and dishes such as our La Latteria Burrata w/ Summer Squash and Pumpkin Seed Pesto and our Grilled Salmon Fillet w/ Cherry Tomato & Potato Salad exude a deliciously light and fresh feel. Our chefs said that their inspiration for the new menu came from what they imagined eating at the perfect barbeque and we do hope you pop in and agree!

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Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-4

April at W5

This month’s menu is totally revitalized and bursting with energy – bringing us straight into spring! Expect dishes such as an exquisite British Rose Veal Mince & Onions w/ a Milk Bread Bun & Bone Marrow Butter and a lean and crunchy Pork Rump w/ crispy tail, Sweet & Sour Heritage Carrots, Raw Pear & Ealing Honey. Our chefs cite ‘quintessential British food’ as the essence behind the new dishes, noting that Spring is a very inspirational time to create a new menu as there is an incredible explosion of new produce at this time of year.

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March at W5

Simplicity and elegance are at the heart of the W5 menu this month with some wonderful new starters and brunch dishes, healthy and wholesome mains such as the Pan Fried Cod Fillet w/ Braised Borlotti Beans & Sea Beets and some spectacularly rich and fresh desserts like our Dark Chocolate Mousse w/ Boozy Cherries. Each new dish has three key seasonal ingredients, in keeping with our group theme this month of the ‘warm up to spring’ and are a combination of the luxurious and the healthy. Once again our Head Chef has ensured that there is something for everyone.

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February at W5

This February sees an introduction of fresh, simple and light dishes curated by our wonderful Head Chef, Lee Streeton. From Smoked Eel with Potato & Capers to Baked Bone Marro with Parmesan, this month’s menu is a beautiful balance of the light and the hearty, the zesty and the rich – with something for everyone.

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