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September at W5



La Latteria Burrata . Butternut Squash . Sage Brown Butter . Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Locally made in Acton, the exquisite burrata is served upon a bed of delicious butternut squash puree and brown butter. A dressing of toasted pumpkin seeds, ginger & sage oil bring out Autumn’s finest flavours and add warm notes to this cool and refreshing dish.


Chicken & Pork  Ballotine . Walnut Ketchup . Crispy Bacon

The delicious corn-fed chicken is filled with pork mince and gently steamed, creating a soft, moist texture. The sage, onion and garlic herbs within the mince season the chicken delightfully. A delectable piece of crispy bacon dresses the ballotine adding crunch to the texture and the pickled walnut puree brings a sweet acidity to this warming Autumn dish.



Cod  Loin . Potted Shrimp . Broccoli Puree

Delightfully soft, the cod loin is baked in brown potted shrimp butter which adds a strong flavour and spice to the dish, rendering it ever so slightly ‘picante.’ Broccoli puree is served on the side adding a hint of freshness to one’s palette and evoking soft textures and fresh notes.


Braised Veal Cheek . Roasted Lemon . Soft Polenta . Garlic & Shallot Crumb

A fabulous combo of rich warm Autumnal flavour and textures…The veal cooked until it is exquisitely tender (meltingly so) and served with soft polenta with parmesan. The addition of the roasted lemon puree cuts through the richness of the polenta and adds a zesty freshness.



Honey Roasted Figs . Thyme Set Custard . Toasted Pistachio Nut

Four fig halves are gently caramelised in butter and honey and then glazed in port which adds a heartiness to the flavour. Served with thyme infused set custard, it is a wonderfully harmonious dish as all the ingredients complement each other perfectly. Crystallised, roasted pistachios are dusted and sprinkled over the top of the dessert for added texture and a subtle crunch. A fine end to a fabulous meal.


Lemon Drizzle Cake . Orange Curd . Poppy Seed 

This classic lemon drizzle cake is baked gently and is soft to the touch and wonderfully crumbly. It is served with whipped orange curd & Chantilly to add extra sweetness and moistness. The poppy seed tuille brings a crunchy texture and a citrusy feel. The dish is rich, comforting and fresh.

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